Water Service

Did You Know?

  • roughly 70% of an adult’s body is made up of water
  • by the time a person feels thirsty they have lost 1% of their body’s water
  • the weight loss directly after an intense workout is the result of losing water not fat
  • there is a total of approximately 326 million cubic miles of water on Earth
  • about 3/10th’s of the Earth’s water is fresh water and thus usable by humans
  • the United States uses about 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day
  • the average person uses 80-120 gallons of water per day
  • replacing just one soda per day with a glass of water can reduce calorie intake per year by 50,000 calories!
  • Here at Millennium Refreshment Services, we like to stay healthy! We know that our customers and partners do as well. So we provide two stage filtration for all the water service machines that we install. Fresh cold water available without the hassle of 5 gallon jugs. Plus a clean, refreshing glass of water every time! We will also regularly schedule your water filter changes as needed! Our water coolers have a cold, hot, and some have a room temperature option. Make your tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, plus much more all with healthy water. We have your best solution already worked out, every time! Let us worry about the details, while you enjoy a healthy, cold, refreshing source of water! Contact Us today!