Micro Market by Three Squared 32M

What is a Micro Market?

Answer: A self-service convenience store, shrunk down and placed in your business.

The beauty of a Micro Market, especially a Three Square Market, lies in its ability to be customized to your specific needs as an operator or a client. At Millennium Refreshment Services, we believe each market can be different and unique to each specific location. We want you to have exactly the market you want, from using the equipment that works best for you – to the colors and logos displayed!

We’re the leader in innovative micro market technology!

The first micro market and break room market solution to offer a smartphone app giving every employee a kiosk in their hand.

smart phone_icon

Our industry leading smart phone application opens the door to putting a kiosk in each customer’s hand. You now have the ability to provide your customers with the ability to monitor their Market Account 24×7, make purchases (only available with 32M!), and a quick kiosk login option through their personal mobile device.


Biometric Fingerprint scanning capabilities can be added to all Three Square Market kiosks for quick and easy log in.
Add Biometric Fingerprint technology (Now included on all Executive models!) to your kiosk for the fastest, easiest login available on the market. Customers can
register one or all of their fingerprints to their account to give them the most reliable, cutting edge option of account login available.


Check your micro market or break room market reports in real time when you use 32Market’s solution.
Real time reports at the drop of your smart phone? With 32M’s advanced software you can monitor your store/warehouse reports 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection. Utilize your computer, your smart phone, your tablet and stay ahead of the game with 32M!


Superb customer service and remote kiosk support from anywhere with an internet connection with Three Square Market.
We’re here to provide you with superb customer service. From remote kiosk access, helping you get your market up and running, to the every day questions – any questions you may have, we’re here for you.

We pride ourselves as the best option in Micro Market technology. From our in-house designed software to in-house built kiosks we control every aspect of our business. Our industry best mobile application and affordable options allow you to put a market in ANY location – 32M is here to help you! As you grow – we grow, it’s really a win-win.
Look forward to automatic updates (without having to schedule appointments), superb customer service, and customizable options that really let your business shine!

Your New Micro Market could look like this!



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